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The fifth working meeting of the Carpathian Starry Sky project partners

On July 29, 2021, the fifth working meeting of the partners of the Carpathian Starry Sky project, which is implemented with the financial support of Cross-Border Cooperation Program Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2014-2020, took place.
Due to quarantine restrictions in the partner countries, the working meeting was held by video conference. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Lead Beneficiary of the project (LB) - the Institute of Development of the Carpathian Region (Ukraine) and Beneficiary 1 (B1) - Association for Innovation and Technology Transfer "Horizons" (Poland). The main purpose of the working meeting was to discuss current activities within the project.
The partners discussed the organization of a three-day (2 astronights) training for 10 involved lecturers of the Transcarpathian Dark Sky Park, which will take place in the Bieszczady Starry Sky Park in Stuposzany (Poland). LB and B1 discussed possible dates of the event, transportation and accommodation for participants, as well as the possibility of crossing the border under existing quarantine restrictions. Both teams agreed to start preparations for the event. Trainings will be devoted to the use of astronomical equipment for astro- and natural observations, astrophotography, organization of astroshows. Participants will receive information about the problem of light pollution, astronomy and night nature.
Another topic for discussion was the work of involved experts on light pollution, eco-experts and an expert in astro-tourism. The LB provided materials prepared by a Ukrainian eco-expert for Polish partners to get acquainted, and shared the experience of measuring light pollution in the Transcarpathian Dark Sky Park and told about planning a new trip of experts and project team to Uzhansky National Nature Park in the near future for research. B1 spoke about the work of astrotourism expert and invited the LB to provide information on interesting tourist places for the preparation of an illustrated electronic guide "The quality of the starry sky in the cross-border area of Poland and Ukraine and opportunities for natural and astrotourism."
The beneficiaries talked about holding the final conference of the project in Uzhhorod and about the pilot astroshow on the educational route in Uzhansky National Nature Park. As a result of the discussion, preliminary dates of the events were chosen.
The partners continued to discuss issues related to the registration of dark sky parks in the IDA database. As a result of the negotiations, the members of the partner teams decided to ask the manager of the Joint Technical Secretariat for consultation on possible ways of overcoming the difficulties encountered in the registration process.
The participants of the working partnership meeting agreed to hold the next meetings in the format of video conferences.