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Starry Sky Park “Bieszczady”

What is the night sky for us? A night sky that reminds us that beyond our planet there is something that surpasses us. In our daily life, we have lost such magic component of life as the starry sky.
When visiting the starry sky park, you can experience sensations that have been so natural for people for many thousands of years, millennia during which they have been delighted with the night sky, literally full of stars.

The Bieszczady Mountains have become synonymous with wild nature. Bieszczady is one of the last places in Europe where there is still a truly dark sky, completely free from artificial light pollution of our civilization.

The dark sky, just like other elements of the Bieszczady nature, requires protection! The ill-considered development of urban, road and tourist infrastructure, creating the so-called "Light smog" can make the "wild" starry sky disappear from the Bieszczady Mountains as well.

Natural darkness is one of the ecological resources that needs protection! Natural darkness is one of the endangered elements of the natural environment. Like other stellar and dark sky parks in the world, SSP "Bieszczady" is a place that will bring the problem of light pollution to the public, give visitors the opportunity to observe the night sky in its almost natural form and support the protection of the Bieszczady night environment.

SSP "Bieszczady" with the help of astronomy reminds people of the importance of natural darkness. It is in the Bieszczady Mountains that we have real darkness. Darkness is important not only for us to see the beauty of the starry sky, but also because it is the fifth factor that determines the quality of the environment we live in. The most interesting thing at night is the starry sky. In the Bieszczady Mountains, we can see even 7.4-magnitude stars without a telescope. This means that on every cloudless night, when the moon is not shining in the sky, we will see over 7,000 stars.