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Program of the closing conference of the project «Carpathian starry sky»

NGO "Institute of Development of Carpathian Region" as the Lead Beneficiary of the project "Carpathian Starry Sky" which is implemented and co-financed under the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2014-2020 on the basis of the grant contract (project-PLBU.01.02 UA-0809 / 19-00) announces a 2-day (October 22– 23, 2021) closing conference of the Carpathian Starry Sky project. Venue: Ethno-wellness hotel "Ungvarskiy", 29 Elektrozavodska Street, Uzhhorod,Transcarpathian region; mountain tourist shelter "Yavirnyk", Velyky Berezny.

The conference will be held for representatives of regional and local authorities and administrations, especially specialists in environmental protection, promotion, tourism and investment, travel agencies, environmental agencies, media, environmental experts, students, educational and research organizations and institutions. The conference will demonstrate all the results of the project: research, strategy, a new educational and tourist route. The conference will feature experts in natural heritage research, astrotourism and strategies, who conducted relevant activities under the project. Participants will visit the Transcarpathian Dark-Sky Park and a new tourist route as part of this event.